Let's Make Hand Washing Fun!

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Sick of hearing about washing your hands? We hear you! It’s not exactly the sexiest topic (but neither is COVID, global warming, politics or any of the other hot topics we are forced to think about on a daily basis). The good news is that while so many other things are doom and gloom, hand washing with your kids can actually be turned into a fun and imaginative activity (with a bit of effort).


Think about it, thanks to companies like LUSH fun, funky bath bombs and soaps are already all the rage and there are loads of resources out there for a little DIY soap action. (Just try googling “DIY soap for kids” and you get many many free resources and videos)


The best way to get your kids to do anything (from eating healthy to hand washing) is to INVOLVE them in the activity and make it fun!


Teach your kids about handwashing and break it into easy to remember steps.



Step 1 

Turn on the water

Step 2

Dampen hands with water

Step 3

Apply soap to their hands.

Step 4 

Thoroughly lather hands with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds. Have the child sing the Happy Birthday song twice (Happy Birthday Oprah!) to be sure they are scrubbing for a full 20 seconds. 

Step 5

Rinse their hands thoroughly.

Step 6

Get clean towel. Note: If you are in a public restroom where a handle needs to be depressed to get a clean towel then do this BEFORE beginning the hand washing process)

Step 7

Dry hands on the towel.


Sounds easy we know but if 1 thing has come out of this pandemic it is the knowledge that we are all pretty crap at hand washing! (joking not joking)

Don’t have the time or desire to get crafty with the kids? Here are some other suggestions of ways to make hand washing fun!

Sing (You Can Also Dance To Incorporate Exercise)!


  1. Kids love a good sing along. Good 20 second songs to try include:

-Frere Jacques

- Row Your Boat

- ABC song

- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

- Happy Birthday to Oprah x2

- Jingle Bells

Make It Sparkle

  1. Put some glitter in a spray bottle and spray their hands. They then wash until all the glitter is off. (Hopefully it takes a while and you can have a mini mom break…)

Make Bubbles!! 

  1. Kids love bubbles so go for a foaming soap to make it fun. Teach your kids to blow soap bubbles through their fingers and turn it into a game.

Ride The Slime Trend

  1. Tell your children that soap (& sanitizer) are alien slime.(If this works for you you can even put the soap/ sanitizer into a cute alien carry case for on the go)

Make it a game

  1. Make funny noises and say things like "SCRUBSCRUBSCRUBWAAAH" and then make whooshing noises while they dry their hands.

Make a Mess

  1. I let them make a big water mess (then make them clean it) all over the floor and counter and their clothes. This teaches hand washing AND cleaning! BONUS!!!

Fun Shapes

  1. Buy soaps (or make) soaps in fun shapes or use fun shaped containers


X Marks The Spot

  1. Put X marks front and back with a washable marker. Wash until the marks disappear.


Lead By Example And Explain

  1. Show your kids a cartoon or documentary about WHY handwashing is so important (its not a mom myth just to torture them!)


Make It Visual

  1. Tell your kids about all the things that can make them sick, and have them put their hands in glitter. Then try to wipe it off with a paper towel, it won’t take much off. Water alone will take more, but not all of it. Soap and scrubbing will get it all...

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